Turtleneck Sweater for Women

12 November 2022  |  Admin

Turtleneck Sweater for Women! 

No wardrobe is complete without at least one Turtleneck Sweater!  

The most wearable item in your wardrobe, a classic, worn year after year while holding up and staying in fashion and with so many colour options your spoilt for choice. 

We’re here to help! We’ve complied together our top pick of the new season Turtleneck Sweater just for you. 

Our Pure and Natural Turtleneck Sweater is super-comfortable and makes for an easy-going sweater to wear all winter long, warm enough for chilly nights but lightweight enough for daytime dressing. 

Choosing a Turtleneck Sweater that will keep you warm while also spicing up your outfits can be fun, as we tend to get lazy with our outfits in the colder months because our number one priority is warmth. 

A Turtleneck Sweater is super soft to wear, and the sleeves are just the right length “to show just a bit of wrist and bracelet,” the ribbing on the neckline (the turtleneck) is a tried-and-true favourite for style and comfort and keeps your neck warm. If there’s such a thing as a “face-framing” haircut, we’d say a “turtleneck Sweater” is a face-framing shirt. It’s like a pedestal for your face. 

The Turtleneck Sweater is both stylish, functional, and versatile enough to wear to the office and dinner after work as well as wearing casually at the weekends for long walks and Sunday Brunch. 

Available in 6 colours Light Stone, Emerald Green, Lilac, Mulberry, Red and Sky Blue.

The turtleneck Sweater is always popular so stock up on your favourite colours early to avoid disappointment. 

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